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PhotoBox versi 2.00.

Software Photo Box Versi 2.00
Telah hadir di muka bumi, PhotoBox versi 2.00.
Fitur yang berbeda dari versi sebelumnya:
- Tidak lagi pake software WebCammax

- Timer bisa diganti dengan tombol pencetak
- Bonus Katalog frame (PrintOut)

Syarat untuk bisa mengganti latar belakang atau background dengan sempurna, adalah anda memasang backdrop satu warna (misal bluescreen, atau warna lain pokoknya sewarna), serta pencahayaan yang bagus.

Software Photo Box versi 2.00 , tidak lagi menggunakan software WebCamMax. Pada layar awal, user akan dibawa ke layar pengambilan gambar. Pengambilan gambar tetap menggunakan hitungan mundur, serta dengan menggunakan remote trigger yakni menggunakan USB Numeric Keyboard. jadi user membawa USB Numeric Keyboard yang berukuran mungil, dan dengan menekan tombol enter yang ada pada keyboard mini tersebut, maka otomatis software akan mengambil gambar.
Setelah dengan hasil foto, user akan dibawa ke layar edit, dimana bisa ditambahkan frame, mengganti latar belakang, serta mencetaknya.
So, versi 2.00 ini lebih ringkas, ekonomis dan oke banget. Penambahan frame tinggal copy paste ke folder frame. Demikian juga dengan penambahan file background.

Harga Rp.2.000.000

Bonus .......Bonus........Bonus

Inilah Bonus Software senilai puluhan juta rupiah yang dapat Anda miliki secara Gratis jika Membeli Software Photo Box Versi 2.00
Ingat !!! Seluruh Bonus senilai puluhan juta rupiah ini hanya berlaku jika Anda memesan sebelum hari:

28 Juli 2009 , Pukul 24.00 WIB
Setelah itu produk Bonus ini akan segera kami hapus...
1.Software Magic Face Filter
FaceFilter, software sederhana yang memiliki kemampuan luar biasa sebagai photo editor.
Software ini mampu menghilangkan efek mata merah (Red Eye), Mengoreksi warna kulit (Over & Under Exposure), memperkaya warna kulit (enrich Skin Tone), Menghilangkan warna gelap di wajah (Hide pimples and blimeshis), menghilangkan kerutan (Anti agging), dll.
Silahkan klik : is a simple, quick and easy to use yet powerful photo editor that enables you to fine-tune your photos creating perfect, professional looking photos every time.
- Smart correcting photo color based on skin color
- Automatic red-eye reduction
- Print instant photo-sticker with various mood expressions
- Cosmetics
- Anti-aging
- Manual red eye reduction
- Color correction
- Shadow and gloss reduction
- Enrich skintone
- Conceal blemishes
- Change expressions
- Facial reconstruction

2. Software Photo Frame
- Photo Frame Maker - Frame Master
- Photo Frame Show - Framing Studio

3. Software OnOne Product

  • OnOne Mask Pro 4.11
  • OnOne Photo Tools 1.0
  • OnOne Intellihance Pro 4.2
  • OnOne Photo Frame Pro 3.1
  • OnOne Genuine Fractals Print Pro 5
4. Software Cpac Pro Imaging 1.0
Professional results with an easy to learn, operator friendly format.No more brush or hours of hard work needed to achieve professional portrait retouching and restoration. The ideal program to retrouch, restore, repair, refresh, renew, rejuvenate your portraits. Retouching software for Professionals...outstanding results in just minutes.

5. Software Caricature Studio 3
Caricature Studio Perfect For:* Posters * Birthday Invitations * Old-West Wanted Posters * Parody Magazine Covers * Weddings * Retirement Parties * Farewell Signature Boards * Custom Greeting Cards * Sales Fliers * Marketing & Promotion * Custom Comics * T-shirts * Photo Mugs * Web Graphics * And More...Caricature Studio Features:* Great Caricature Effects * Chromakey Function * Artistic Filters * Photoshop Plugin Support * Gif Animation * Parody Magazines * Novelty Posters * Backgrounds * Transparency * Digital Effects * Frames * Clipart * Much More...
6. Software In Album 2.5 Deluxe
Decorate your photo album with animated clipart, speech bubbles (callouts), sounds, MP3 music and even your own voices Then you can publish it as Flash movie, HTML, AVI video, executable file (EXE), screensaver, or wallpaper.InAlbum 2.5 Deluxe is a unique software to help you turn your digital photos into stunning photo albums. It is fun, quick, and easy to use ! Simply choose from ready to use templates or custom templates which let you combine, mix & match background animations, buttons, photo frames, fonts, transition effects, etc. Decorate your photo album with animated clipart, speech bubbles (callouts), sounds, MP3 music and even your own voices Then you can publish it as Flash movie, HTML, AVI video, executable file (EXE), screensaver, or wallpaper. Burn it to CD or VCD/DVD (playable on TVs). Send it to friends and families by e-mail or host it online for free at your own personal Web site. Design and order photo gift such as t-shirt, mouse pad, coffee mug, etc. Design and print CD/DVD label/case.

7.Sofware MonkeyPhoto
MonkeyPhoto provides the user with an user-oriented interface which is fit for non-technophiles. Browse, rotate, and enhance digital photos simply. Add hand-drawn photo frames for unusual occasions: birthdays, holidays, love, thanks yous. Monkey Photo enables users to select from three one-button photo effects. Forget complicated photo software and start creating today!
8. Software Magic Photo Editor
Magic Photo Editor easily blend your digital photo onto another picture (a landscape picture). You can also add some pretty frames, flowers, cartoon pictures, or write your comments on the photo to make it more beautiful and attractive. 200 masks, 60 kinds of flowers, 120 cartoon pictures, 160 frames for you to add to your photo

9. Software Cam Sticker2
Sticker provide you many funny frames, with your pc camera, you can make framed photos(photo stickers) in real time!Very Easy to use!Step by step guide lead you a simple way to using CamSticker. New style help shows a followed help window which always gives you useful hints.Over 300 new frames!CamSticker 2 contains 13 claesses, over 300 brand new frames. High resolutioin frames are support now.Theme skins are support now.15 theme skins are available, it brings you more fun.A new Pre-Printing editor is available now.After taking many pictures, you can select images and design their positions in the photo paper.Full function video option adjustment.tCamSticker controls video device with full function now. It is very convenient to adjust the device manually or automatically.

S U P E R B O N U S !!!

10. Software FX Home PhotoKey V.10
You will estimate the new peace of creative possibilities and the magic of the combined photograph. PhotoKey - this is Adobe tool for displacing your objects with the green background into any place without leaving studio. Composition covers of glossy periodicals, this now not problem. Entire sacrament occurs “in the gloom of night”, with the dark intuitively intelligible interface, which makes PhotoKey with the ideal solution for the novices and the professionals.Possibilities:PhotoKey - this is the extraordinary automation of assembling, simply select your photographs and make it possible PhotoKey to make everything else! PhotoKey - this is the realization of high style with the use of different filters. PhotoKey - this is creation with the displacement,by rotation and by a change in both the foreground and the desired background, for the realization of exquisite composition. PhotoKey - this and polishing with the addition of the moved effects in order to make an interlude of background illumination by that by realistically connected with the object. Result is derived to the press or remains in the form high-quality file without the distortions, with the complete permission and the presence of alpha- channels for the use, for example into Adobe Of photoshop. This is not sleep, this PhotoKey! Successes in the creation!

Before After

11. Software Vertus Fluid Mask V.3.0.5
Vertus Fluid Mask promises to be the fastest, best, and possibly the easiest cut out tool for photographers and image artists. I put it through its paces to see just what this tool can do. I would consider myself to be an experienced Photoshop user, and have often manually cut out images using the pen tool, layer masks, edge masks, and other complex methods. It’s not surprising that sometimes such cut outs take several hours to complete – and I would perform them over the course of many days. So, anything that promises to ease my workload and make it quicker is definitely worth more than a passing look!

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Tahukah Anda, bahwa seluruh produk bonus ini jika Anda membeli di situs aslinya seharga lebih dari 100 kali investasi yang Anda berikan kepada kami.
Sekali lagi kami Ingatkan !!! Seluruh Bonus senilai puluhan juta rupiah ini hanya berlaku jika Anda memesan sebelum hari: 28 Juli 2009 , Pukul 24.00 WIB
Setelah itu produk Bonus ini akan segera kami hapus...